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The Alchemy of Manifestation Podcast

Mar 11, 2023

In this episode of The Alchemy of Manifestation, we talk about true awakening to yourself as the soul and releasing the ego mind. The ego mind is our greatest challenge as a soul, albeit one that we came to experience. It's about loving this 'being' we have joined with for this lifetime, but yet not allowing them to lead with fear. It's about taking our power back as the soul, aligning ourselves with our creator to lead, and trusting in God enough to open our hearts to it all and create the life of our dreams!

Once you truly let go of fear, and relax into your heart and your divine power to create, you will see how truly amazing life was meant to be! That you can create heaven on earth - for yourself - and for the good of all! It's the ultimate in manifestation - because it's easy once you arrive here! Everything you love aligns with you, and you only attract the highest energy!