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The Alchemy of Manifestation Podcast

Jul 27, 2022

In this episode of The Alchemy of Manifestation podcast, I talk about my own personal journey of awakening. Really seeing the bigger picture of what I came to heal and release in myself, all around the beliefs that can be so 'normal' in our human world of unworthiness, unlovability, lack mentality, fear and disempowerment. Things we need to see, feel, and heal in our body and mind, so that we can align with our heart and soul.

While we do this by agreements with other souls to mirror our past life wounds to us in their behaviors, we see it as dysfunctional families and relationships, and traumatic life events. We tend to get stuck in the patterns, the victim mentality, the beliefs, and the fear. But it's upon us to proactively dig it up, to see clearly where it comes from, and to heal ourselves. While also seeing after you've done that work that, generally speaking, it was all done to help you. To awaken you. And to move your forward on your highest path as a soul.

This will be a multipart series, and this is Part 1.