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The Alchemy of Manifestation Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

In this episode of The Alchemy of Manifestation, I talk about how our culture is very off-balance energetically. We are living in a very masculine energy dominated world, living very much in ego. To achieve a more open-hearted culture that lives from a place of love and not fear (where ego tends to be), we need to balance this energy with feminine energy. Our culture needs to have an energetic balance of both. Actually, we all need to have very balanced masculine/feminine energy ourselves to achieve a fully open heart, and that's true for us as a culture as well.

So we will discuss not only how things look now with this imbalance, but where we need to be, and also how we can heal ourselves to achieve this balance in each of us. Because this balance is what opens your heart fully so that you can also manifest your best life!